Phobia or not a Phobia

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Too many of us have seen someone running away from a bee, or trying to kill as many ants as we can or become frozen with fright because of what is around us.  To those who can look, kill and walk away we have no issues, to those who may do a quick scream then react with I am going to get that bug, rodent or whatever also is seen as not having an issue.  Then there are those of us that freeze with fright when we see certain bugs, pests, insects or rodents.  We have a different reaction, a reaction that at times that may keep us frozen like a statue.


Do you have a phobia?

Having a phobia can cause someone to have a severe reaction that causes the person anxiety and other symptoms which are or can be sweating, trembling, hot flashes/chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,  choking feeling, rapid heartbeat, pain or tightness in your chest, butterflies in the stomach, nausea, dizziness, headache, feeling faint, numbness in the body or tingling sensation, dry mouth, feeling of needing to use the bathroom, ringing in your ears and confusion or a feeling of being disoriented. These are physical symptoms and as said prior those with a phobia may also experience more psychological symptoms which are fear of losing control, fear of fainting, and also a fear of dying because of the phobia before them.

Now here is a list of phobias that pertain to animals and are more common than we know.

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