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Have you wondered, now that this season is over what pests will I have to deal with now?  Just like the weather, the time we see the array of pests will change also.  So you need to prepare yourself all year-round to deal with pests regardless if it’s sunny and warm or snow is falling around you.

Take a look at the seasons a little more in-depth to see what pests you will have to deal with and why.



This time of year brings an increase in temperature.  If you around areas that it does snow, this will start to disappear.  This time of year brings those pests that may have been hibernating for the winter.  They will want to find food and water.  The common pests that we are going to have to look for are as follows;

ANTS – During this time of year, ants become more active away from their colonies as they are looking for food.  They will begin to seek shelter and our homes and or businesses could be the lucky winner. They will also try to seek shelter from the spring thaw and the heavy rains that occur.

TERMITES- This time of year is known for the mating season for termites. They venture off and start new colonies as well.

MOSQUITOES – As we all know mosquitoes are attracted to water and with the spring thaw and the rains this is a perfect setting for our buzzing little friends.

FLIES – Remember flies enjoy sweet foods and liquids, so as people start to go out more they will start to flock to those areas.

SPIDERS – They become more active and will start to seek food as they may or may not be slumbering.

BESS/WASPS/YELLOW JACKETS/HORNETS – This time of year they will be seeking a place for nests and mating

BED BUGS – Increase in infestations during this time of the year due to so much holiday travel.


This time of year many types of pests are trying to mature and are seen as less of a threat but due to the heat and plant life cycle we do see some pests that will become bothersome whether it is in the home/ business or outside in and around our yard.

MOSQUITOES- As we all know this time of year does bring mosquitoes to for the front. They enjoy the warm summer rains and due to the warm weather are seen to lay more eggs.  This pest is the most common one during this season.

BESS/WASPS/YELLOW JACKETS/HORNETS – This is the time of year where we need to be mindful of our homes and businesses as our flying friends have or in the process of building their nests.

ANTS – This time of year is similar to that of spring, with the summer showers they will try to seek dry areas that will keep them safe, warm and fed and our homes and businesses are a perfect match.

FLIES – This is the time that they are more active.  They will be active in breeding so be mindful of what you leave lying around and whereas they search for animal waste, garbage, and food that is rotting

TERMITES – This is the time of year when the queen is laying eggs and the rest of the colonies are building and chewing on the wood that is around them.

BED BUGS – this pest is considered year-round but as with spring, the increase of travel increases infestations.


Due to a decrease in temperatures, pests will start to begin getting ready for the winter months.  They will be seeking out food and shelter. This will be somewhere warm and easy for them to build a winter nest/colony.  Some of the pests that are more common during this time are as follows;

COCKROACHES – Due to the decrease in temperatures you will start to more activity with these pests.  They do not like cold weather so they will try to migrate to warmth.

SPIDERS – Just like cockroaches spiders do not like cold temperatures and will try to migrate to the warmth so homes and businesses are a perfect location. This is also the time males spiders are in search of a partner for mating.

RODENTS – These pests will be on the lookout for food, water, and shelter as the temperatures start to drop.

FLEAS – These critters will hitchhike a ride into your home or business from pets, other pests, and even us humans.

STINKBUGS – This time of year our homes and businesses become infested with these bugs and become a nuisance.  These pests are known for the foul odor they may release should they feel threatened.


It’s not time to relax due to the cold temperatures; this is the time when some pests are seen in full force.  A few of these are;

RODENTS –   A few of the rodents we may see infesting our homes or businesses are rats, mice, and squirrels.  They are seeking warms, food, and water.

ROACHES – some cockroach species die off during the winter, Oriental and German roaches are still very active and we must be on the lookout for an infestation during this time of year. They will be attracted to damp and dark areas of the home or business.

BED BUGS – As mentioned prior these pests make their move by us as humans traveling so much. They are carried via a human and by a suitcase for example.  Regardless of the season take this pest very seriously.

As you review your surroundings, your home and your season remember to take every precaution necessary to prevent an infestation of any pest regardless of the time of year it may be. Take this opportunity to reach out to About Time Pest and Weed Control where they handle scorpions, rodents, pests and weed elimination. We are a fully bonded and insured pest and weed control team serving the Phoenix area.

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