Summertime Picnic Pests

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Spring and summer is the time of year that memories are made in our very own back yards. Who doesn’t like to enjoy a summer picnic in the park or having friends and family over for a special event? Then we all remember those pesky little bugs that crawl around and or buzz around. These pests get on the nerves of all of us while we are trying to enjoy great food and great conversation.


We all know during the summer the mosquito is our greatest enemy.


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Let’s start by choosing the best time of day to kick off the festivities. If you choose to host during the day you will find less activity with the mosquitoes, as they are pests of evening hours.
Should your gathering run into the evening, be a good host and have insect repellent handy as well as some cortisone to stop the itch should someone get bit.


If the party is one that does need to be held during evening hours try to obtain a bug zapper, but hang it away from the crowd as it does attract those buzzing pests. To set the atmosphere, make sure you chose to get Tiki torches and light them around the area. The little pests do not like the Tiki torch oil and it will keep them at bay. It is nice to line the property, sets a great ambiance. On your tables make sure you have citronella candles, should your party carry over. This looks great should you buy the more decorative ones and it will keep your area pest-free.


Another idea, you may want to invest in yellow light bulbs. They are simply less attractive to the bugs that may start to fly around. It is always good to remember that you are outdoors and the food will draw in pests of all kinds, keep it covered when not serving. No one wants to bite down and look face to face with a fly and or other pests. The food is for the company now pesky pests. Keep your food in containers that will seal the freshness and scent in. It is also beneficial to have tabletop fans to keep the pests away. As you cover the food make sure when you set your beverage down you cover it as well, the smell will draw in many types of pests.
When it comes time to disposing of plates etc, keep all trash bins away from the eating area and the area that people are relaxing in. Trash is not invited to the party.


Your spring and summer gatherings are a time to make memories and within those memories, you do not want pesky pests buzzing around so take these tips and utilize them how you see fit. Live, Laugh and Enjoy!
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