Are mice, rats, or roof rats gnawing at the walls of your property?


Common Arizona rodents: pack rat, house mouse, deer mice & roof rats. The most rodents found in and around homes in Arizona are pack rats, mice, and roof rats.

  • Pack Rat
  • House Mouse
  • Deer Mice
  • Roof Rats
  • Kangaroo Rats

Rodents in Arizona

When rodents invade your home, your family and home are vulnerable to disease and destruction. Nothing is more important than your family’s health, and when you partner with Termio for our Phoenix rodent control, you can rest assured your family is protected!

When rodents are in your home, there’s the possibility of:

  • Diseases, viruses, and allergens, such as Hantavirus, that can cause severe health problems.
  • Fires as rodents chew on electrical wires, phone lines, internet cords, and more.
  • Contamination of food, including dog food, as rodents make your food their midnight snack.

Roof Rats

The roof rat is the smaller of the two commensal rats, as the Norway rat is larger in size. Roof rats are also referred to as black rats or ship rats. The roof rat gets its name from its tendency to find shelter in the upper parts of buildings. Once inside, roof rats not only damage materials by gnawing through them, but they also contaminate stored food and serve as vectors of dangerous diseases.

Roof rats have been thriving in Arizona since the early 2000s thanks to our climate and the abundance of food. If you live near old-growth citrus trees, irrigation canals, or other sources of food and water rodents might find enticing, there’s the chance you could come across these creatures.

Roof rats will:

  • Forage for food in elevated areas such as roofs and treetops.
  • Use utility lines and branches to enter your home.
  • Kill trees by eating the bark off them.
  • Smudge oil and dirt onto your home, leaving dark smudges.
  • If you see smudges up high on your home, call the professionals at Termio today—you may have an unwelcome visitor!

Pack Rats

Also known as Woodrats, pack rats are common in central Arizona desert regions, such as Scottsdale, Phoenix, Carefree/Cave Creek, Anthem, and so on. There are three main types of pack rats within central Arizona homes, including the Whitethroat pack rat, Mexican pack rat, and Stephen’s pack rat. A pack rat, unlike most others, has fur on the tail. Relatively large, these nocturnal creatures are attracted to bright and shiny objects.

If you’ve ever seen a pack rats nest, you’ll recognize its distinctive and obvious characteristics. Nests may be:

  • Made from sticks, cacti, and other lawn debris.
  • Located in plants such as juniper, chaparral, and other desert plants.
  • Built in attics, underneath homes, or in vehicles.

Because of how dangerous they can be to humans—and what other creatures they can attrack—you’ll want to get rid of them fast!

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