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There are about 2,000 known species of scorpions in the world. Below you'll get some tips on how to identify the four most common types of scorpions that you are likely to find in the Sonoran Desert.

  • Bark Scorpions
  • Giant Hairy Scorpions
  • Stripetail Scorpions
  • Yellow Ground Scorpions

Where do Scorpions like to hide

Scorpions are often found in the desert areas, but you can also find them in areas close to the mountains as well.   As new developments are constructed scorpions that are close to those areas will need to relocate and that is how we find our homes, neighborhoods and business’s infested with them.

For most scorpions they keep their movements to the evening hours, so during the daytime hours they will hide themselves outside under rocks and other random items laying about.  Should you find scorpions have moved into your home, you want to take extra caution when looking in areas of your closet, in your shoes, your bedding and folded clothes.  They use those places to hide until the home become dim or dark to begin moving about.

While we understand there are a number of scorpions approximately 45 species are found in Arizona alone.  The one that is venomous is the bark Scorpion and luckily enough that one is located in the Phoenix area.   This scorpion is also the only lethal on in the state of Arizona.

Symptoms that could arise after a sting

Trouble focusing your eyes, your eyes start to have random movements, you have trouble swallowing, you begin to drool, your tongue feels swollen, you begin to have slurred speech, your become dizzy, or you have muscle twitching.  These symptoms require and emergency room visit.

How to treat a scorpion sting

  • Clean with soap and water
  • Apply a cold compress
  • Call poison control ( 800-222-1222) /proceed to nearest Emergency Room

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