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Stopping the march of ants in their tracks at your Phoenix Valley home or business

Here in the Phoenix Valley, our beautiful year-round warm weather attracts tourists from all over the country. Unfortunately, that same warm weather attracts many different species of ants, making them our top nuisance pests!

In addition, our constant warm weather makes controlling these ants a constant battle thanks to their constant migration and new colony development.

At About Time Pest and Weed Control, our expert technicians understand ant behavior and what attracts them to your home or business, making us the perfect choice for ant control & management.

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Why choose us for Phoenix Valley ant control

Our expert technicians are armed with years of experience and a wealth of innovative, state-of-the-art pest management technology, such as telescoping cameras, moisture meters, and UV lights.

With this knowledge and technology, our technicians are able to conduct thorough inspections of your home and property, ensuring that every point of entry is discovered, every potential pest is identified, and every measure is put in place to ensure your home or business is pest-free!

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What’s pestering you?

We work with residential, commercial and industrial clients!

We are dedicated to providing fast, efficient ant control. Our services are licensed, insured, and guaranteed.

Ant management begins with a comprehensive inspection

When ants and other pests enter your home or business, the most important thing for you is that pest control eliminates the pests. While extermination and pest removal are an integral part of pest management, it is only a small part of a comprehensive plan.

Quality pest control and management begin with a thorough inspection that not only identifies the pests that are present but also identifies where they are hiding and how they are getting in. With our initial inspection, you can expect:



When our technician arrives, they will work to identify the pests that are creating the infestation. Different pests, such as ants, have different behavior, so identifying the species helps to create an effective treatment plan.

Tracking & nesting

Tracking pest movement, pest trails, and locating nests or colonies, in the case of ants, allows for targeted pest control.

Entry points

Pests, such as ants, only enter your home if they can get in. Inspecting for potential entry points, such as cracks in the foundation, gives the technician a list of exclusion points that they can address and seal as a part of pest exclusion and management after extermination is complete. This prevents reinfestation down the road.


No one wants to share their home with pests and our technicians understand this. Residential pest control begins with a comprehensive inspection and evaluation, looking for signs of pest activity and property damage. Our experts inspect your home, they create a comprehensive treatment plan to exterminate and remove the problem pests, address any home damage, and work with you to create a deterrent and pest management solution to keep your home pest-free.


Pests in a commercial business can mean lost revenue our team understands the urgency when it comes to pest management. After initial inspection, our team gets straight to work to remove and exterminate the pests as quickly and safely as possible. For our commercial clients, we understand the problems pests create, so our main focus after clearing your business will focus on deterrents and keeping any unwanted pests from every returning.


The best form of pest management and control is keeping them from every entering your property. We use our expertise to create a deterrent program for your specific property and pest concerns in order to prevent the entry of these pests and further infestations down the road. We address points of entry to determine exclusion points and help to establish a pest-free perimeter to your home or business, ensuring that there is nothing attracting these pests inside.

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No one wants to stumble upon a trail of ants

Have you stumbled upon a fire ant nest only to wind up covered in painful, itchy bites and stings? Have you sat down to relax only to find a line of ants marching one by one across your floor?

Ant infestations in the home can be a complex battle, depending on how large the colonies are, how many have colonies have established in your home, and what type of ants are present.

Treating ants with the wrong type of bait or insecticide can trigger stress within the colony, causing them to simply relocate and spread, creating a bigger problem. Ants are one pest that shows exactly why a thorough inspection before creating a treatment plan is essential for high-quality pest management.

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Let us send the ants packing

Our expert technicians understand ant behavior and the specific differences that each ant species creates when it comes to pest control and management. After a thorough inspection and ant identification, our experts will design a treatment plan that targets these specific pests, ensuring that the ants will be exterminated, and you will not experience a reoccurrence.

Our clients love us!

“About Time Pest and Weed here in Scottsdale is one of the best pest control services we have hired! We run a small retail space downtown and sometimes get runaways from neighboring restaurants so the pest control service by them has saved us many times!”

Vania O.

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“My experience with this company is one of showing up when expected , the service provided really works(yay, no weeds for the last two years!) and the pricing is very fair. Will continue to use in the future. Highly recommended!”

Vivian C.

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“Had seen a couple of scorpions and knew we had to have something done. They were quick to respond and the technician was nice and friendly. Haven’t had any issues since I started service.”

Herman B..

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We stand behind our services

We stand behind the expertise of our certified technicians and their ability to rid your home or business of ants and any other pest concerns you may have. We offer a standard 30-day guarantee that the ants will not return. Should you see ants during that period, our technicians will return at no additional cost to you.
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Contact us today!

You don’t have to share your home or business with ants of any species. The expert technicians at About Time Pest and Weed Control will provide you with a thorough inspection that not only identifies the ant species and their points of entry but also helps create a unique and tailored treatment plan that will eliminate your ant problem and keep the ants from returning.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE initial inspection and allow us to help you live or work pest-free.

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About ants

Most ants are small, ranging in size from 1/16 to 1/2 inch long. They vary in color, too, depending on the species. The most common colors are red, black, and brown. Some ants have a single node between their thorax and abdomen (called a petiole), while others have two nodes (called

The vast majority of ants in the United States have introduced species, meaning they’re not native to this country. In fact, more than 700 species of ants have been introduced to the U.S. from other parts of the world. Ants are a problem year-round, but they’re especially troublesome in the spring and summer. That’s when most ant species are actively reproducing, and their populations are growing rapidly.

Ants can bite. However, most species of ants found in the U.S. are not capable of biting humans. The ones that can usually bite only do so if they feel threatened. Some species of ants, like fire ants, have venomous stings that can cause serious reactions in people who are allergic to them.


How long does it take for pest control to work on ants?

Ant control can take time to work and will depend on the treatment method used for ant control. For example, baits are used for many ant species. For these to work, the ants must pick up the bait and return it to the colonies. In this case, you may experience more ants before they disappear as they send signals to come and get the bait.

How long does an ant infestation last?

If left untreated, an ant infestation can last indefinitely. While male worker ants have a short lifespan, queen, egg-laying ants can live for years, rapidly growing the colony which can then split, creating more and more colonies.

Do ants come out after spraying?

While at-home at spray you purchase at the store may kill ants it comes into contact with, it may also trigger an alarm from the ants that forces them to simply relocate after spraying. In many cases, this can actually make an ant infestation worse than better. In order to best eliminate ants, you need to use the correct treatment option that focuses on targeting the entire colony and not individual ants.

What to do after spraying for ants?

When technicians apply ant spray throughout your home, it is important to give the application time to work. Avoid mopping or wiping down baseboards throughout your home for a day or two in order to allow this barrier to remain in place.


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