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Eliminating nuisance and dangerous spiders from your Phoenix Valley home or business

While you enjoy the beautiful, year-round weather in the Phoenix, so, unfortunately, do the many species of spiders that call our area home.

While most are harmless, our area is home to spiders that can pose a health risk.
The spider control expert technicians at About Time Pest and Weed Control are your locally owned spider specialists and can have your home or business spider-free in no time.

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Why choose us for Phoenix Valley spider control

With years of experience with spiders in the Phoenix Valley, our team of expert technicians comes armed and ready to tackle any spider infestation you may have, whether outside or in your home. In many cases, spiders invade your area looking for food (other insects), so our team also looks to identify additional pests which may be contributing to your spider infestation.
This comprehensive pest management approach helps to ensure that the spiders will not return, and your home or business will be spider-free.
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What’s pestering you?

We work with residential, commercial and industrial clients!

We are dedicated to providing fast, efficient spider control. Our services are licensed, insured, and guaranteed.

What to expect

Spider management and control are unique to every location. Because spiders often come in to feed on other available pests, quality spider management must also focus on additional pests that may be present.

When our team of experts arrives, you can expect:



Our technicians will provide a thorough inspection both inside and out, looking for evidence of spider activity, as well as the presence of additional pests and points of entry throughout your home or business where these pests may be coming in.


Technicians create a unique treatment plan in order to address the infestations they identify. They will discuss this plan with you and explain what you can expect.


Our technicians will apply safe and effective treatment products designed to target spiders and the other identified pests in order to eliminate them from your property.


Once extermination is complete, our technicians discuss prevention methods and treatment options designed to secure potential exclusion points throughout your home or business, helping to ensure that the pests are unable to return.


No one wants to share their home with pests and our technicians understand this. Residential pest control begins with a comprehensive inspection and evaluation, looking for signs of pest activity and property damage. Our experts inspect your home, they create a comprehensive treatment plan to exterminate and remove the problem pests, address any home damage, and work with you to create a deterrent and pest management solution to keep your home pest-free.


Pests in a commercial business can mean lost revenue our team understands the urgency when it comes to pest management. After initial inspection, our team gets straight to work to remove and exterminate the pests as quickly and safely as possible. For our commercial clients, we understand the problems pests create, so our main focus after clearing your business will focus on deterrents and keeping any unwanted pests from every returning.


The best form of pest management and control is keeping them from every entering your property. We use our expertise to create a deterrent program for your specific property and pest concerns in order to prevent the entry of these pests and further infestations down the road. We address points of entry to determine exclusion points and help to establish a pest-free perimeter to your home or business, ensuring that there is nothing attracting these pests inside.

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Spiders can pose serious health risks

Do you suffer from arachnophobia? Does the site of a tarantula send chills up your spine? Have you sustained a spider bite?

While most of the spiders you find in the Phoenix Valley are harmless and help control the pest population, we do have some that can cause severe damage should they bite, such as the Black Widow and the Recluse.

Having these in your home or business can pose a real risk, especially to younger children.

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Let us keep your home safe

Managing spiders in a home or business often require a multi-pest approach as spiders do not typically infest an area unless it is due to a healthy food source. Given that spiders feed on other insects, the goal to eliminate spiders and their return is to eliminate the food source. Our team of experts believe in this multi-pest approach and with state-of-the-art technology and safe and effective products, they will eliminate your pest problems once and for all.

Our clients love us!

“About Time Pest and Weed here in Scottsdale is one of the best pest control services we have hired! We run a small retail space downtown and sometimes get runaways from neighboring restaurants so the pest control service by them has saved us many times!”

Vania O.

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“My experience with this company is one of showing up when expected , the service provided really works(yay, no weeds for the last two years!) and the pricing is very fair. Will continue to use in the future. Highly recommended!”

Vivian C.

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“Had seen a couple of scorpions and knew we had to have something done. They were quick to respond and the technician was nice and friendly. Haven’t had any issues since I started service.”

Herman B..

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We stand behind our services

We stand behind our technicians and the services they provide. After our treatment solutions, you should remain pest-free for at least 30-days. Should the spiders return, our technicians will return at no additional cost to you.
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Contact us today!

You don’t have to live with spiderwebs in the doorways or worry about spider bites when inside or outside.

The team at About Time Pest and Weed Control will eliminate these pests and work with you to ensure they never return.

To say goodbye to spiders once and for all, contact us today to schedule your FREE inspection.

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About spiders

Most spiders have eight legs and two body parts, the cephalothorax and the abdomen. The cephalothorax houses the spider’s eyes, mouthparts, and brain. The abdomen contains the spider’s digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive organs, and silk-producing glands. Some spiders may have more or less than eight legs, and some may not have clearly defined body parts.

Spiders are found on every continent except Antarctica. They live in a variety of environments and can build webs to trap prey, while others hunt down their prey directly. Most spiders are more active in the spring and summer when their food sources (mostly insects) are more plentiful. However, some spiders may be active year-round, depending on the species and location.

A lot of spiders are not dangerous to humans and will only bite if they feel threatened. However, there are a few species of spiders that can pose a health risk to humans if their venom is injected. These include the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. If you are bitten by a spider, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.


How do I get rid of spiders in my house?

Eliminating spiders in your home begins with eliminating their food sources, which are, unfortunately, other pests. In addition, you need to ensure that points of entry to your home are eliminated. The experts at About Time Pest and Weed Control specialize in addressing spider and other pest infestations and can help to ensure your home stays pest-free.

Is spraying for spiders effective?

Directly spraying a product on a spider can be effective, but spider management is more about removing their webs and their food sources. When other pests are eliminated, the spiders will move on as your home offers nothing for them to feed on.

Why am I getting a lot of spiders in my home or business?

Spiders move into areas, such as your home, following food sources. If a spider has taken up residence, it means your home is attracting other pests that the spider can feed on.

When should I spray for spiders?

Unfortunately, broadcast spraying for spiders is often ineffective. The best method for spider control is addressing their food source and eliminating the pests that spiders feed on. Removing webs, addressing exclusion points, and addressing areas in your landscape that attract spiders is also beneficial.


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