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Keeping your Phoenix Valley business pest-free and your doors open

Running a business takes all of your time and attention and the last thing you need is a pest infestation that could close your doors!

The team of experts at About Time Pest and Weed Control understands the importance of safe and effective commercial pest control that works quickly and allows you to keep your doors open for business.

Looking for commercial pest control in Phoenix Valley? Contact us today to schedule your FREE initial inspection. We can help.

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Why choose us for Phoenix Valley commercial pest & bug control

When it comes to commercial pest control and management, you need a company that understands the unique conditions that a commercial property can pose. Our team of expert technicians specializes in addressing commercial pest problems in the Phoenix Valley and is here to take immediate action in order to help you keep your employees, customers, and inventory safe from potential pest damage. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that no corner of your business is left unturned, and we treat all pest infestations with safe and effective products.

Our commercial pest management not only focuses on the removal of current pests but also on the prevention of pests in the future. A quality pest management program works to help ensure that your business is and will remain pest-free in the future.

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What’s pestering you?

We work with residential, commercial and industrial clients!

We are dedicated to providing fast, efficient business pest control. Our services are licensed, insured, and guaranteed.

What to expect

When you call us with your commercial pest concerns, we understand that it is an emergency for you and your business, and our team gets right to work.

We will ask about your current pest concerns and get a technician out to your ASAP.

When the technician arrives, you can expect:



Upon arrival, our technicians will thoroughly inspect both inside and outside of your business, looking to identify pests, where they are hiding, how they are getting into your business, and what damage they may have caused.


If pests have caused damage to your property, our technicians will identify and document potential damage and recommend repair.


Once the inspection is complete, the technician will create a unique treatment plan that addresses your specific pest concerns, explain the process, let you know what to expect during treatment, and when you will see results.


Based on the specific treatment required, our technicians will either begin treatment or schedule a treatment time that will work with your business schedule.


If your business has sustained damage due to termites or rodents, our specialized repair team offers repair services.


Once pests are treated, our technicians will discuss preventative methods and treatment options, including the sealing of exclusion points, in order to help keep pests from entering your business and allow you to remain pest-free.

We go the extra mile

Quality pest management doesn’t end once the pests are gone. Unfortunately, in the Phoenix Valley, our beautiful weather means the pests stay all year and are likely to return if they are able. Most pesticide treatments are designed to keep pests at bay for 40-60 days, meaning that a long-term pest solution requires regular pest management. Because of this, we offer much more than simple pest extermination.


We know that pests, such as termites and rodents, can cause extensive damage to your commercial property that can affect your ability to keep your doors open. When our technicians discover pest damage, they will bring it to your attention and refer you to our team of repair specialists. These specialists can perform repairs such as structural reinforcement and the removal and replacement of soiled and damaged insulation.


Eliminating pests from your business is the first step. Keeping them away is the next step. This begins with the identification and sealing of exclusion points that these pests use to get into your building. This also includes the application of pest-specific deterrents on a scheduled basis in order to prevent the return of pests, allowing you to remain business as usual.


All of our commercial pest services come with our original 30-day pest-free guarantee. However, we offer an additional warranty program against pests that can contribute to structural damage, such as rodents and termites. For a small additional cost, this warranty program covers your business against the return of termites or rodents for 1-year.
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Pests can shut down your business

Are you seeing cockroaches in your commercial kitchen and worried you will be shut down? Are mice or rats eating through your inventory? Is your hotel being taken over by a bed bug infestation?

Unfortunately, when it comes to a business, pests can be much more than a nuisance. In cases of severe infestations, you can lose inventory and customers, have your reputation affected, or, in the worst-case scenario, have your doors shut!

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Keep your business pest-free

Our team of expert technicians is here to help ensure your business stays open, your reputation stays secure, and your employees and customers stay safe. We work to quickly apply safe and effective treatment options that eliminate your pest concerns while still allowing you to keep your business running as normal.

Our clients love us!

“About Time Pest and Weed here in Scottsdale is one of the best pest control services we have hired! We run a small retail space downtown and sometimes get runaways from neighboring restaurants so the pest control service by them has saved us many times!”

Vania O.

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“My experience with this company is one of showing up when expected , the service provided really works(yay, no weeds for the last two years!) and the pricing is very fair. Will continue to use in the future. Highly recommended!”

Vivian C.

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“Had seen a couple of scorpions and knew we had to have something done. They were quick to respond and the technician was nice and friendly. Haven’t had any issues since I started service.”

Herman B..

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We stand behind our services

All our pest removal services offer a 30-day pest-free guarantee, so if you see pests return during that timeframe, our team will return at no additional cost to you. However, because pests are a year-round problem in the Phoenix Valley, we highly suggest that you implement a regular pest management schedule offering deterrents in order to help ensure your business remains pest-free.
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Contact us today!

Don’t let bugs or rodents shut your doors and ruin the business that you worked hard to build. The team of expert technicians at About Time Pest and Weed Control is on your side and ready to help send the pests packing and help ensure your business can say goodbye to pest problems forever.

If you don’t currently have a pest problem but are worried about the possibility down the road, give us a call today to schedule a FREE inspection and put a pest-preventative program in place!


What type of commercial facilities do you serve?

Our experts specialize in any type of commercial business including apartments, churches, schools, medical facilities, industrial buildings, offices, hotels, and restaurants.

Do I need a routine pest management service?

While you may not be currently experiencing a pest problem, we recommend that you maintain regular pest management services as a deterrent to pests. Unlike other areas of the country, the Phoenix Valley experiences pest problems throughout the year, and letting pest deterrent services lapse could mean the pests could return at any time.

My current pest management provider has been spraying but I continue to see pests. What is the problem?

Unfortunately, regular spraying is unlikely to be effective unless other measures, such as addressing exclusion points and making sure your building is not inviting pests in, are taken care of.

In addition, not all sprays are effective on all pests. Even different species of the same pest can require different treatment methods. This is why a thorough inspection and pest identification is a crucial part of our treatment services.

What if I discover pests after regularly scheduled service?

We recommend at least having monthly pest management pest control services in place in order to ensure pests do not return. Should they return in between these services, our technicians will return at no additional cost to you.

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