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Pest management that focuses on keeping the pests out of your Phoenix Valley home & business

Once a pest infestation is discovered and eradicated, the most important part of pest control begins. Keeping pests from entering your home or business helps to ensure that pests do not return or that new pests find your home appealing.

At About Time Pest and Weed Control, our goal is to get your home pest free and keep it that way, which is why our deterrent program is a crucial step in your pest management plan.

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Identifying how the pests are getting in

Whether residential or commercial, our initial inspections focus not only on pest identification, but also on determining just how these pests are getting into your home or business. Identifying all points of potential entry is necessary in order to address them, helping to ensure that pests have no point of access in the future.
Rat Trap Deterrent

What’s pestering you?

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Rat Exclusion Point In Exterior Wall Of Home

Eliminating exclusion points

In today’s world, pest exclusion is an essential component of any pest management program. Once pests are eliminated and points of entry are identified, out technicians can really get to work protecting your home.

Pest exclusion is a preventative tactic that involves sealing and securing all possible points of entry. This can involve caulking and filling all potential cracks, addressing improperly sealed vents and drainpipes, and to minimize potential traffic routes into your home, such as trimming plants that connect directly to open windows.

This can also include other outdoor tactics, such as cleaning up yard debris or mulch that can attract pests.

Pest Control Inspections

Creating a deterrent perimeter

Perimeter pest control is the application of pest control chemicals that help to keep pests from entering your home. This spray is applied to the outdoor perimeter of your foundation, moving a few feet out from your home, in order to create a wide protective barrier around your building. These protective barriers can last months, killing all insects that come into contact with the chemical.

Termite Damage On Window

Keeping the bugs away

While we understand that your objective when pests enter your home is for us to eliminate them, we also don’t want to see them come back. And we are sure you don’t either!! Taking the extra effort to focus on eliminating exclusion points and providing a deterrent barrier to your property helps to keep your home or business pest-free for the long-term. To learn more about how we can help keep the pests away for good, contact us today to schedule an inspection.


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