Termite & Rodent Damage Repair

Addressing Phoenix Valley property damage caused by pest infestation

Seeing a mouse run across your countertop, a termite mud tube, or swarmer termites near your home are obvious signs that you may have a pest infestation. Unfortunately, seeing signs of rodents or termites often mean you have hidden damage within your home or business.

At About Time Pest and Weed Control, we understand that the idea of sharing space with pests is uncomfortable enough, but the idea of having to clean up and repair a damaged property from a pest infestation can be overwhelming. Once our experts identify potential home damage, we can help.

Looking for termite & rodent damage repair in Phoenix Valley? Contact us today to schedule your FREE initial inspection. We can help.

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Pests can cause serious home damage

Sharing your space with pests can feel like a never-ending battle. Not only can these pests contribute to health risks for you, your family, or your customers and employees, but some of these pests can contribute to significant property damage that, if left untreated, can cause health issues, property instability, and the risk of fire.
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rodent damage

As rats travel throughout your home or business, they leave behind urine and feces that can spread these germs to you and others. As they work to build their nests inside your walls, they steal insulation. They tend to chew through the insulation on wires, leaving you with a big fire risk. Large appliances often combine wiring and insulation, making them a perfect nesting sport for rodents and also another spot that increases your fire risk.

Termite Damage On Window

Termite damage

Termites eat wood and wood products throughout your home. In fact, a single colony can eat up to a pound of wood every day! While you may notice signs such as buckling wood, swollen floors and ceilings, and areas with visible mazes in the wood, many signs of damage are hidden behind the walls. During our inspection, our team will identify the termite damage and provide a repair plan to help stabilize areas of damage.

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Whether you need structural stabilization from termites, the removal and replacement of insulation due to rodents, or rewiring of chewed wires to eliminate the potential fire danger, the team of construction experts at About Time Pest and Weed Control can help restore your home.

To learn more about how our team can help eliminate your pest concerns and restore your home to pre-pest standards, contact our office today and schedule a FREE inspection.


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