Pest Control in the Phoenix Valley

We are a pest control that aggressively focuses on thorough and detailed inspections, a proven approach for effective control, people/pet/enviroment friendly products, expertise in scorpion and termite control, and a 100% guarantee on our services. We have service all of the greater Phoenix Valley.

What We Do

Did you see something scutter across the livingroom floor? Have you dared to shine your black light at night on your bathroom floor? Did something catch your eye in the ceiling corner? Then you have come to the right place!

What would be “routine,” seasonal pest exterminating in other places is a year-round job here in Arizona, and keeping our homes and businesses reasonably pest-free is a challenge.

About Time Pest Control has provided homeowners with customer focused Scottsdale pest control services. We have developed a reputation for our termite inspections, cockroach extermination and bee removal services in the Northern Scottsdale area. We guarantee all of our extermination services to our customer’s satisfaction. Our Scottsdale pest control office serves the entire Phoenix valley including the towns of Phoenix, Anthem, Cave Creek, Carefree, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Chandler. Click here to schedule a free in-home inspection.


Answer your door to a About Time Pest Control technician and you’ll meet true professionalism. Our exterminators are carefully screened for character, knowledge base and skills, and the about time spirit. Trustworthy, highly trained, and experienced, they’re what make About Time the go-time exterminator service in Phoenix.

We will perform inspections of building interior and exterior structures to determine damage or possibility of damage from insects, bugs, termites, or dry rot conditions. Many people never give a second thought to pest inspections unless they are buying or selling a home. We will also ask a series of questions in related to any homeowners concerns or pest discoveries around the home’s exterior or interior, such as, spottings of snakes, scorpions, spiders, rodents, etc.

Initial Service

Your initial pest control service allows our technicians to identify the causes, entry points and nesting areas of your pests. It’s possible to see an increase in activity following a first treatment, as bugs and rodents leave in search of a more hospitable environment. Your first visit stops the life cycle of your infestation, killing off pests, larvae and eggs. Ongoing care prevents them from coming back.

Ongoing Services

Ongoing pest control eliminates the traces of your infestation and prevents new pests from moving in. With care, timing is everything. Treatments timed with the different life cycles, peak swarming seasons and breeding habits of your pests will be most effective at prevention. We’ll design customized ongoing pest control services based on your home and the pests you’re up against for peace of mind all year long.


If you have a pest you need to get rid of right now, do not hesitate for another second. Give us a call right now!

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