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Here in the Phoenix Valley, our wonderful weather draws people from all over the world. Unfortunately, it also makes it a wonderful home for animals and pests, such as rodents.

While these animals typically avoid human contact, they are often drawn into homes and businesses searching for food and shelter.

At About Time Pest and Weed Control, our team of experts has a deep understanding of our local rodent behavior and focuses not only on rodent control but also on preventative techniques that help keep your home or business rodent-free in the long term.

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Why choose us for Phoenix Valley rodent control

No matter what your pest infestation, be it ants or rodents, our team of experts understands the immediate need to control the problem. Our technicians come armed with a wide range of innovative pest management tools that enable them to take control of your pest infestation.

But we also understand that pest control and management is so much more than simply removing pests. It is about working with home and business owners to help ensure pests never return. Our technicians focus on identifying and sealing exclusion points, meaning that pests no longer have access to your home or business, and you can feel confident that your property will be pest-free.

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What’s pestering you?

We work with residential, commercial and industrial clients!

We are dedicated to providing fast, efficient rodent control. Our services are licensed, insured, and guaranteed.

What to expect

Rodent management is a multi-step process that involves more than just the removal of these pests.

Whether you are experiencing an infestation with rats or mice, our technicians will come prepared to handle much more than just simple removal.

When our technicians arrive, you can expect:



Our services begin with a thorough inspection of your home or business, looking for signs of rodent activity, identifying exclusion points, looking for potential damage, and evaluating potential rodent invitations around your property.


If our technicians discover any signs of property damage, such as chewed wires, soiled insulation, or structural damage, this will be documented.


At this point, our technician will create an individualized treatment plan that will address your rodent infestation, discuss the plan with you, and explain what you can expect with treatment.


Rodent management involves a multi-treatment approach that focuses on eradicating and trapping rodents inside and outside. This multi-treatment approach may require regular monitoring throughout a few weeks to ensure that all rodents are removed.


If rodent damage is discovered and documented, our technicians will offer repair services by our dedicated repair team which can address exposed wires, replace soiled insulation, and more.


For rodents, we offer a 1-year warranty. This will ensure that you do not see rodents return or we will return for no additional charge.


No one wants to share their home with pests and our technicians understand this. Residential pest control begins with a comprehensive inspection and evaluation, looking for signs of pest activity and property damage. Our experts inspect your home, they create a comprehensive treatment plan to exterminate and remove the problem pests, address any home damage, and work with you to create a deterrent and pest management solution to keep your home pest-free.


Pests in a commercial business can mean lost revenue our team understands the urgency when it comes to pest management. After initial inspection, our team gets straight to work to remove and exterminate the pests as quickly and safely as possible. For our commercial clients, we understand the problems pests create, so our main focus after clearing your business will focus on deterrents and keeping any unwanted pests from every returning.


The best form of pest management and control is keeping them from every entering your property. We use our expertise to create a deterrent program for your specific property and pest concerns in order to prevent the entry of these pests and further infestations down the road. We address points of entry to determine exclusion points and help to establish a pest-free perimeter to your home or business, ensuring that there is nothing attracting these pests inside.

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Rodents are more than simple pests

Can you hear scratching within your walls? Have your lights been flickering for no reason? Do your kitties seem to be on watch all the time? Does your home have an odd, musty smell that you just can’t place? Have you been feeling under the weather recently?

The truth is rodents can be far more than just a nuisance. They can spread a wide range of different germs, many causing serious health risks. They spread urine and feces throughout your home or business which, in turn, deposits germs everywhere.

When they chew through wiring, they can affect your electricity and put your home or business at serious risk of fire. But you don’t have to live with these disruptive rodents any longer. We can help.

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Let us protect your property and health

Our expert technicians are committed to freeing your home or business from rodents and helping to ensure you, your family or your customers are safe from the damages they do and the germs they spread. Our technicians will eradicate these rodents from your property, help to prevent their return, and help to repair any damage caused by your rodent infestation, leaving you with a clean, healthy, and rodent-free property.

Our clients love us!

“About Time Pest and Weed here in Scottsdale is one of the best pest control services we have hired! We run a small retail space downtown and sometimes get runaways from neighboring restaurants so the pest control service by them has saved us many times!”

Vania O.

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“My experience with this company is one of showing up when expected , the service provided really works(yay, no weeds for the last two years!) and the pricing is very fair. Will continue to use in the future. Highly recommended!”

Vivian C.

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“Had seen a couple of scorpions and knew we had to have something done. They were quick to respond and the technician was nice and friendly. Haven’t had any issues since I started service.”

Herman B..

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We stand behind our services

Rodent eradication can take a couple of weeks, but once the rodents are removed, we guarantee you will not see them return for 30-days or we will return at no additional cost to you. In addition, we offer an extended warranty for rodent services. This warranty ensures your home or business will be rodent-free for a full year or we will return as needed.
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Contact us today!

You don’t have to share your home or business with rodents. While you can try to manage mice or rats on your own with traps or bait, this can be time-consuming and, without identifying exclusion points, it may be a never-ending battle.

The team at About Time Pest and Weed Control understands the rodents found in the Phoenix Valley and specializes in their removal and the prevention of their return.

To learn more, contact us today to schedule a FREE inspection.

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About rodents

Rodents are small animals with long tails, large ears, and eyes relative to their body size. They can be very different in terms of their appearance, but all rodents share certain physical characteristics. Most rodents are found in the Northern Hemisphere. They are native to Europe, Asia, and North America. There are also a few species that are found in Africa and South America.

Rodents are active all year round, but they are particularly active during the spring and summer months. This is when they are searching for food and shelter. Rodents are generally nocturnal animals, meaning that they are most active at night. It’s important to know that rodents can bite. Their teeth are sharp, and they can cause a lot of damage. Bites can be painful and can even lead to infection.


What are the signs of rodents in my home?

Some common signs of rodents in your home can include a strong, musty odor, gnawed holes in walls, floors, or ceilings, signs of chewing on food packages, rodent droppings, scratching sounds in the walls, flickering lights or inoperable electric outlets, unusual pet behavior, and oily rub marks along floorboards.

What happens during rodent treatment?

Treating a rodent infestation can include a mixture of mechanical trapping devices and bait stations to remove the mice or rats. In addition, sealing exclusion points to ensure these rodents do not have continued access is essential.

How do you keep mice and rats out of your house?

Keeping rodents out of your home begins with a good prevention program that focuses on exclusion points and making sure these rodents are unable to enter. After these points are sealed, addressing the area around your home can include covering trash, moving compost away from the home, and picking up fallen or rotten fruit.

Is treatment safe for my kids and pets?

All rodents treatments used by About Time Pest and Weed Control are safe around kids and pets.


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