Perennial Weed Control
in the Phoenix Valley

A central Arizona homeowner’s guide to indentifying and managing invasive perennial plants.

If you’re looking for the top-rated perennial weed control in Phoenix Valley at the best price look no further! About Time Weed Control is the industry-leading invasive perennial vegetation management service that is always one step ahead of those pesky weeds.

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About Local perennial weeds


Perennial Weeds are weeds that grow from seeds, underground stolons, or rhizomes that continue to grow for more than two years. Desert Broom, Palo Verde Trees, Rag Weed, Casia Bushes, Bermuda Grass, and Nut Grass are some examples of perennial weeds in Central Arizona which may grow from seed but cannot be prevented with pre-emergent.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to see such weeds emerge throughout the year after a pre-emergent application. This is not a sign of an ineffective application or breakdown of pre-emergent. See images below of such perennial weeds in your Arizona yard.

Desert Broom in Arizona

Bermuda Grass in Arizona

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